dissabte, 30 de gener de 2010

Don't you get bored at home?

- Spain is really immersed in that crisis.

- Long term pensions are not guaranteed.

- A huge part of the population (50%-70%) go into retirement before their 65 (the official age), and just 35% of people are working until they are 65 years old.

- University students don't start to pay for the national insurance until they are almost 25, later than they are expected.

- Life expectancy is longer than when the current pensions system was elaborated.

- We have more sanitary resources.

- Whe have developed technology, so we don't have to work as (physically) hard as before.

- When people are retired, they get depressed.

- Businessmen who own a small company go to the retirement to draw the pension, but they don't give up managing their familiar business. It seems they don't trust young and qualified generations...

- Young generations are less populated and have under qualified jobs, however they are paying the retirement of very populated old generations during around 30 years (since they go into retirement until they die). Will they be able to do that longer?

Aren't these reasons enough to extend the retirement age just two years?

And, what about a partial retirement after the age of 65?

dimecres, 6 de gener de 2010

reeds for help

Reeds: useful or disturbing stuff?

That was a kind of broken day. When trying to figure out the meaning there was always a little goblin who came with his reed and stayed in the middle of the issue. No discussion with logical end, just words; no problem with consistent solution, just suppositions.

Nevertheless, using that reed, it was possible to sustain the question, to mantain it alive longer. So, next time, the same unresolved point, one more way to carry on our own trial.

That's the prominent spiral when pretending to take a decision before its time.