dimecres, 6 de gener de 2010

reeds for help

Reeds: useful or disturbing stuff?

That was a kind of broken day. When trying to figure out the meaning there was always a little goblin who came with his reed and stayed in the middle of the issue. No discussion with logical end, just words; no problem with consistent solution, just suppositions.

Nevertheless, using that reed, it was possible to sustain the question, to mantain it alive longer. So, next time, the same unresolved point, one more way to carry on our own trial.

That's the prominent spiral when pretending to take a decision before its time.

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Vinz ha dit...

The words won't bring you to a logical end or a happy ending, only they'll bring you an end.

I love your english, it's so nice =)

PD: Where did you take this picture exactly?

Mireia Cantó i Pastor ha dit...


I agree, of course, you are right, there's just an end.

I try to keep my English, but somethimes I am a bit lazy to write that way... Anyway, that's a challenge.

The picture was taken in Fageca, from the main road.

Vic ha dit...

I have to disagree with Vinz. Words can bring you to a happy end or wherever you want.
It's the cowardice that prevents change.

Alba Vidal Preixats ha dit...

Estic contenta d'anar-te llegint de tant en tant. Espero complir els meus propòsits bloguístics per aquest 2010 but step by step, firstly in my beloved language and then, we'll see.

Nice picture, nice country, nice words!

Mireia Cantó i Pastor ha dit...
L'autor ha eliminat aquest comentari.
Mireia Cantó i Pastor ha dit...

Thank you very much Alba!
And, don't worry about the language, jo també m'exprese millor amb la meua requetestimada llengua! (i ara em podria posar a fer un discurset...)
Now... is your turn xD