dimecres, 29 de juliol de 2009

So what?

Is it possible to feel unconfortable at home? Yes it is. And it is also possible to feel out of joint in your group of friends. Time has been passing and each one of us has been doing what he or she prefered. Building our lifes on different ways, even on opposite ways. And the conclusion of all those paths is that we are almost alone. One of us would like to do something and it has to be done alone, without company (or with new people) the others are not going to give for you, be sure. While everything is happenning, one day, you fall in love. How to say "I love you" tactfully without being unnoticed? Don't ask those old friends, their advices will not work now. You will not feel comfortable acting as they recomend.

The other part support the opinion that home friends will be always there, waiting for you, helping you when you need them. They will give you the best advices. They will share everyting with you. They are always going to ask you "how are you" and "how is your new job going on".

So now, what? What's the truth?

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Anònim ha dit...

are you inlove?? oh my god...!! well, at least I think the same than you! really!! this is really strange but well, what can we do... just try to go on, with or without them.

take care